digi-MOD HD, digi-MOD and RF

What are the passwords for digi-MOD & digi-MOD HD products?

  • LCD front panel password is 0000.
  • WEB Management user name is admin.
  • WEB Management password is Admin123.

Why does the screen display a pink/green screen after installing my digi-MOD HD?

This is a resolution issue. Before connecting to the digi-MOD HD, ensure the output resolution of the source device is 1080p (MPEG-4/H.264), 1080i or 720p. PC resolutions like 1,336 x 768 will not display through a modulator.

Why can I see a ‘colour bar’ pattern on my screen after installing my digi-MOD HD?

There is no input signal present at your digi-MOD HD. Check the source is powered and connected properly.

Why does the TV not show the picture after installing my HD-1603/HD-1605/HD-1608/HD-4797 digi-MOD HD Digital Modulator with MPEG4/H.264 encoding?

If the TV does not find the new channel, the TV may not have an MPEG4/H.264-compatible tuner. Before purchasing try and see if your TV can view Racing Channel or 9HD. If your TV can receive these channels then it has a MPEG-4 tuner.

What is wrong if the TVs are not tuning to the modulator?

Check your cabling. Check that the correct programming changes have been carried out. Check the channel that has been programmed is clear from any other FTA transmission.

Why do my some of my FTA channels disappear after connecting my digi-MOD?

Check the signal levels of FTA and the modulator and make sure the levels are close to each other (5dB separation). If the modulator signal level is higher than the FTA, the FTA signal may be effected by the modulator C/N. Balancing will rectify this.

Can I connect a digi-MOD to an existing MATV system?

Yes. Follow the set-up requirements in the install manual.

Can I rack mount my digi-MOD RL-DM4000D?

Yes. With the optional RL-ACC500 rack ears and screw pack the digi-MOD RL-DM4000D will fit into a 1 RU space.

Can I use more than one (stack) dig-MOD or digi-MOD HD in the same installation?

Yes – you just need to adjust some of the settings in each modulator. Each digi-MOD is defaulted to the same settings – see below changes that need to be made for “stack” successfully.

  1. Output Channel – Default “39 UHF”
  2. LCN – Default “101”, Modulator will work if not changed, it will just be located on 350. 351 etc.
  3. Channel Name – Default “CHANNEL-1” Modulator will work if not changed, just harder to identify
  4. Program Number – Default “1” Modulator still may work but best to change in case (suggest using LCN #)
  5. TSID – Default “1000” Modulator will not work as each channel requires a separate TSID

These changes can be done via Front LCD Display or GUI.

How do I fix the digi-MOD picture if it occasionally freezes or pixelates but the Free to Air channels are okay?

We suggest employing the services of an experienced installer, who has test equipment to determine signal strength and quality. This will allow them to determine how best to solve your problem. If there is too much electrical noise in your environment, tuners will have difficulty decoding the low signal over the noise, resulting in either pixelation or a completely frozen screen.

What is the maximum cable distance for IR over coax using the RL-RF380?

Approximately 60m, depending on environmental interference.

How much gain is there on the RL-RF380?

  • Antenna: +2dB (adjustable)
  • Modulator: +3dB.

Why is there is no IR signal from the digi-MOD IR emitter ports when connected to an RL-RF380?

IR function out of the digi-MOD emitter port will only work if the only power supply is connected to the modulator and the remote power switch is “ON”. If there is a power supply connected to the RL-RF380 – the IR will not work out of the modulator, only the IR emitter port on the RL-RF380.

Why is the power LED on my RL-RF210 not illuminating?

After checking all cable connections, check to see if a non resi-linx RF splitter that does not pass DC or IR is connected to the corresponding RL-RF380 output/s. Remove or replace. Check coax input and output are on the correct ports.

How can I open the GUI via PC?

Each digi-MOD HD now has a static IP Address –

If you are unable to access via IP Address, simply change setting in digi-MOD HD “WEB MANAGEMENT” – DHCP from “DISABLE” to “ENABLE”, then find the digi-MOD HD in networks.

Note – currently digi-MOD’s can only be used with Windows operating platform.

How come when I scan my TV - I get audio but no video on the modulator channel?

If your TV has an MPEG-2 tuner only, it will still can a MPEG-4  (H.264) modulator but you will only hear the audio – you will get no picture. To rectify this – either use a MPEG-4 STB on this TV or change your modulator to a MPEG-2 modulator – or buy a new MPEG-4 TV…

Is there a service agent for digi-MOD and digi-MOD HD products in Australia?

Yes – we now have a local service agent.

Unitech Services

13 Maroondah Highway

Croydon VIC 3136

03 9725 2222

Current Foxtel Non-DRM Approved Channel Plan for KT-FX Range


What is wrong if the LED on the IR target is on all the time?

The problem may be radiated electrical noise from the TV. Reposition the IR Target.

Why does my AV device not respond to remote target IR signals?

Check emitter head placement. NOTE: Do not place emitter head directly over IR sensor. Dependent upon sensitivity of the IR receiver on the AV equipment, optimal placement of the emitter heads may require a process of trial and error.

Why is there no LED light flashing when IR signal is pointed at it?

Replace batteries in the remote control and re-check.

Can I use a RL-IR100 kit with Foxtel IQ2 decoders?

Yes, our kit is approved by Foxtel for use with all Foxtel receivers.

How many devices can I control with an RL-IR100 kit?

Four devices with the included pair of dual emitters.

What is the cable length of the IR target in the RL-IR100 kit?


How many targets can be used with an RL-IR170 hub?


Are the RL-RF210 and RL-BV500 targets interchangeable?

No, the operating voltages are different.