KT-FX4 Foxtel-approved quad input (HDMI) HD digital modulator

The KT-FX4 is a Foxtel-approved quad input (HDMI) HD digital modulator that encodes HDMI signal to any DTV channels.

Pro-programmed with a Foxtel-approved channel listing and with an output level of 90dB and MER of >38dB, the KT-FX4 makes use of video compression via H.264 AVC (MPEG-4) and audio compression via MPEG Layer II/AAC to distribute four crystal-clear HD pictures over new or existing coaxial cable.

Programming of the KT-FX4 is done via a web GUI and front LCD panel. It uses a frequency range of 177.5MHz to 816.5MHz (6 to 69).


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