HDPPIS10 Split Power Supply

The HDPPIS10 is a power supply with 10 plugs that can power up to 10 digi-MOD modulators simultaneously.

Suitable for the KT-FX1, HD-1603, HD-1608, RL-DM1102M and HDIP-800 (as well as legacy models HD-1600, HD-1600L), the HDPPIS10 supports input voltages of 100-240V AC (1.5A) and has a maximum output capacity of 96W.

It features an operating temperature of -40ºC-45ºC, ‘hold up’ times of 10ms @115V AC and 20ms @230V AC, and a ‘turn on delay’ time of three seconds with maximum load output.

It is ideally coupled with the ZC10PK.

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