HD-4002DM Professional Quad Input High Definition DVB-T MPEG-2/4 Digital Modulator

The HD-4002DM is a quad input, high definition DVB-T professional commercial modulator that converts HD video and audio signals to the digital COFDM DVB-T Channel. It combines dual mode DVB-T distribution – MPEG-2 and AVC (MPEG-4) encoding – with IP streaming in one handy unit.

The HD-4002DM is compatible with all HD TVs up to 1080p, i.e. 576i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (AVC only), and offers simulcast IP multicast broadcasting.

With inputs including HDMI, Component, CVBS, analogue audio, digital coaxial and optical, the HD-4002DM offers a modulation error ratio of 43dB and is easily programmed and monitored via a secure web portal.

It is compatible with all 2K and 8K carriers, has adjustable VHF/UHF outputs (6-69) and attenuation (98dB launch) via a front-facing LCD display, and a raft of inputs including HDMI, Component, CVBS, analogue audio, digital coax and optical.

The HD-4002DM is desk-, wall- and rack-mountable.


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