RL-DM1102M GD Single Input SD Digital Modulator with Component and Composite Video Inputs and IR Return Path

The RL-DM1102M is a single input DVB-T modulator with Component and Composite and S-Video Video inputs, and IR functionality, allowing you to distribute any AV source around your home over coax.

Compatible with Foxtel IQ2 and IQ3 systems, the RL-DM1102M converts video and audio signals to the digital COFDM DVB-T Channel. Featuring fully programmable LCN, channel names and network names via front-facing LCD panel, the unit comes with a 12V DC switch mode power supply.

The RL-DM1102M is compatible with all 2K and 8K carriers, has adjustable VHF/UHF outputs (6-69) and attenuation (95dB launch), is easily programmed and monitored via a secure web portal.

The RL-DM1102M comes with built-in IR control for connection to ZyCast’s video hub, IR targets and emitters to allow remotely-located TVs to be more easily controlled.


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