RL-RF210 Flat IR Target

The RL-RF210 is a sleek and unobtrusive Foxtel-compatible flat IR target for use in a ZyCast RF-IR video distribution system that includes an IR modulator or video hub emitter.

The target receives IR commands from a remote control and sends the signal through the RL-RF380 video hub and emitters to remotely control an AV device.

The RL-RF210 is plasma and LCD TV-friendly and Pay TV-compatible. The target plugs into a compact, mountable in-line coaxial connector box using 3.5mm mini-jack. To facilitate placement, adhesive backing is included in the kit for the target as well as the connector box.

Powered remotely by a modulator, a flexible flat cable allows easy placement of the target.

The RL-RF210 rejects interference from plasma displays as well as direct sunlight and fluorescent tube lights for accurate IR signal reception.

A built-in LED shows acknowledgement of IR commands.


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