RL-IR305 Foxtel-Approved Compact IR Distribution Module

The compact RL-IR305 is the only Foxtel-approved IR distribution module available to the Australian market.

Compatible with Foxtel’s IQ2 and IQ3 systems, as well as all other satellite TV receivers on the market, the RL-IR305 has the added advantage of offering discrete IR control of specific AV devices in each zone, which is ideal where two of the same AV devices are installed in the one area.

Paired with the RL-IR505 receiver module and flat target, the RL-IR305 can distribute video to multiple zones around a property.

In addition to a switch mode power supply and direct IR lead, the RL-IR305 kit includes seven emitter output ports (four common, two discrete and one direct), one target input terminal and one RJ-45 socket for expansion.

A built-in LED shows acknowledgement of IR commands and power status.


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